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Personalised website service

Summer Jiang

MCSE 1999 (Microsoft engineer)
Victoria E-business course facilitator -  teaching E-businesses to succeed online
Master in Computer science  2005 - web programming  
Web design/development business owner since 2007 

Web business consultant + SEO developer  + Website architect

I will take time to get a full understanding your business and design according to your needs, either be a financial figure or awareness you want to achieve. You will be able to utilise both my business and marketing knowledge on top of my IT proficiency. You will be directed through a thought-after process with simple and easy steps to assist with the development and give you immediate feedback.

Efficient and thorough

Its not about how long you need to spent on the task to make it perfect.  To get the best results for a website, it takes marketing, graphic design, web construction and consultation skills. Without a system, this can easily turn into a never ending development cycle.  A systematic person like me will build anything on top of an ever-perfecting model that I accumulate throughout my personal and professional life. For example, I make a three dish dinner every night within 20 minutes and dishes rarely repeat yet the flavour keeps improving. This inbuilt ability of systematical approach to business makes my work quicker than average with high professionalism. The by product of my approach also make sure all the bits and bolts are in place with no missing components. 

Keep my promise

I see myself as a craftsman in many ways. It will not be an artwork until all promises are fulfilled. Thats my pride and will be more upset than you if I don’t.

Cost effective

Being minimalistic, my business running cost are down to nothing except time that I spend reading and improving my technical skills constantly. So you are paying for my time and technical specialties only. And because I can do it well and relatively fast for the quality I am offering, you will never get ripped off like other other design businesses where people get paid by hours, however so little is achieved in their hours.